Alice Springs Desert ParkDiscover many secrets of the Central Australian deserts at the Alice Springs Desert Park. The natural and cultural environment of arid Australia is presented in three stunning desert habitats. Enjoy an easy walk through Desert Rivers, Sand Country and the Woodland and see and hear hundreds of species of plants and animals. You will have the opportunity to experience desert habitats as they are at night, seeing animals nearly impossible to see in the wild.

Deserts are full of life

Stories of the desert are shared through interpretative displays, daily guide presentations, audio guides in 4 languages and movies. Professional guides share stories and insights into the worlds of plants, animals and people. Take your time and take home lots of photos, new stories, skills and secrets from the deserts. You will never see deserts the same way again. A range of guide activities are held daily, a schedule is available on entry.

Alice Springs Desert ParkShare in Nature at its best

Wander through the desert and discover the plants, animals and culture of Central Australia. See fish from a desert river, get sand on your shoes and explore the rich desert woodlands.