Her Story

National Pioneer Women's Hall of FameThe National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame is the brainchild of outback pioneer Mrs Molly Clark, of Old Andado Station, who recognized that women who toiled alongside their men had received very little public or even private recognition over the years.

The National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame commemorates the Australian pioneer women who first opened the doors, confronted the obstacles and made it possible for today’s women to have more power, more freedom and more options than ever before.

A pioneer woman is any woman who is a pioneer in her chosen field, referring not only to the traditional meaning of the word – a colonist, explorer or settler in a new land – but to anyone who is an innovator or developer of something new: those women who were the early settlers in Australia, and those who have attained pioneering achievements such as the first women doctors, lawyers, aviators etc.

The NPWHF seeks to commemorate the achievement of all Australian women and all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Our exhibition includes:

  • Ordinary Women/Extraordinary Lives: Women First in their Field: An exhibition featuring over 100 photographs of Australian women who were pioneers in over a dozen, largely male-dominated professions from the first women granted a University degree in the 1880s to the first female-ordained Anglican priests over a century later in the 1990s. Discover the obstacles encountered as they attempted to pioneer unchartered territory